About my work

My drawings and paintings are visual narratives that illustrate personal and collective anxiety, as well as social tension through characters and archetypal imagery. The characters that populate my drawings are often faced with a dilemma, or anticipate of some unknown doom. I always work in series, because I like to explore a given idea through multiple drawings and because my work is narrative in nature. Borrowing from the tradition of comic art and late medieval painting, my work is cartoon-like and playful with space and perspective. The manipulation of space is meant to express the different perspectives of the characters that live in the drawing, as well as physical distance or time lapse.

I’m often inspired by the scenarios that play out in my dreams. Their patchwork composition of life's everyday elements serves as a doorway to my own subconscious, and I often find myself attempting to decipher the dream’s latent message through drawing. The narratives are often about people and their estrangement from each other, which is why they often take place in cities, airports, and suburbs. My work is not about process—it is about the finished piece that tells a story of human mistrust and intrigue.


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